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Well I was up for hours trying to get some sleep before I had to be at work at 7 the next morning. Here it is already 2:07 and I'm still up with a tooth ache so bad, I really considered pulling out the tooth with some pliers. I MEAN SO BAD I WANTED SOMEONE TO KNOCK ME OUT WITH A HAMMER! So bad. ... I almost cried. So thankfully I came to this site some how!! And read like the 3rd comment about the garlic, and I will be damn if it worked. :)

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All u need is Tylenol extra strength it sven cures a severe toothace


Garlic is the bomb. Pain free for 8 hours now.


Do you use fresh garlic also how do u use it..


I just used fresh garlic out the grocery section in the plastic bottle. IT WORKED INSTANTLY!!!


what do you do with the garlic to stop the pain?


I minced it and put it in warm salt water and funded my mouth and with in minutes it worked


Holy hell cut up a fresh garlic , warm water and salt! It worked instantly. I also crushed up an altram and an ibuprophen.

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