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I've been suffering for so long I don't remember when the corner of my lips weren't cracked and in terrible pain. It's been a week since I started the following and now I'm healed!

Take a qtip soaked with 3% hydrogen peroxide and clean the area. Pat it dry and then use a cocoa butter stick found in the drug store and moisturize. I do this at night and once or so during the day at work.

Simultaneously I started taking iron and b complex supplements at night and in the morning. I had a gastric bypass in '04 and one of the lifetime follow ups include taking vitamins everyday. I'm also anemic. Stubborn as I am I haven't been taking vitamins for years. My iron has been so low that when I try to donate blood I can't.

Needless to say I sure vitamin deficiency is my cause. I also get recurring yeast infections so the bacteria/yeast can be a contributing factor but since I haven't treated that within the last week I don't think that's what it is.

The corner of my lips get dry now and again so I use the cocoa butter stick as maintenance. Hope this helps!

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Prescription drugs just suppress syotmmps. They won't cure the underlying cause. Herbal remedies or even cherries will clear up syotmmps without causing any nasty adverse reactions like the drugs, but they won't get rid of the underlying cause either. If you really want to cure it you should see a professional Homeopath.

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