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Yesterday I noticed that my normally wonderfully happy but suddenly a complete grump-fest of a toddler (one year old today) had a tiny pimple on her buttox. I mean I barely noticed it because it was so small. Then today I was playing with her and I patted her butt, when she fell down screaming. I immediately thought about that tiny pustule and thought, 'That shouldn't hurt THAT bad.: I pull back her diaper only to find that the tiny bump I had known from the day before was gone and replaced with a MONSTROUS boil. I mean it is an inch by and inch and a half, and hard as a rock. However when I patted her butt gently I had popped the ginormous thing so there was pus and blood all over the back of her diaper. I took the diaper off and washed her off with a baby wipe and went to run her a bath. I drained it while she was in the tub so that it wouldn't hurt so much. (Boils like this run in my family bad, so I knew this from experience.) I then did a lot of research online as I have always treated my own with hot compresses, warm baths and anti-biotics... I had to find a natural remedy for my little Monster because the type of anti-biotics that help boils is those from the penicillin family, which her father has a deadly allergy to, and I would rather be safe than sorry and not put her through the Hell of an allergy test at this age. I found that Tea Tree and Apple Cider Vinegar come up A LOT. So I took a spare baby wipes container and mixed these together (I have Tea Tree shampoo) then added some baby wipes that had been washed off in hot water to remove all their chemicals so as not to affect my treating her. I washed the boil's wound off with a regular baby wipe, sprayed it with peroxide, let it sit then wiped it off, and ripped about a fourth of a wipe off with the vinegar and Tea Tree on it. I used this wipe to wipe her off, mind you that the vinegar is said to have an unpleasant burn to it. However I let it dry much to her protests, then re-diapered her. When I looked at it half an hour later it was much less red and she was crying much less. I will post an update once I see how well and at what rate this works, however so far it is doing wonderful!

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My husbant had aboil he use egg white for 2days. The second day it poped from the egg white you rub it omn the boil


So my baby is getting boils on her butt and I found one on her leg today omg there everywhere my first child had them as well and I had to soak her in ebson salt but I'm not sure as to y now there on her knee I cannot get rid of them wat the hell my baby is hurting somebody help me

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