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I am sharing my own experience, aged 32 and suffered from Hemorriod in anal opening of about grape sized..i treated it with Ayurveda (indian ancient natural medicine), we need to understand there are two therpies to follow (Cleansing internally & externally of your rectum)..please follow these steps for atleast 5-7 days.

Rule 1: No Red meat, fried & greasy items for full 10 days.
Rule 2: When you wake up in the morning, first thing, take 50ml of water & squeeze half lemon in luke warm water and drink it in empty stomach for 7 days..this is cleaning internally.

Rule 3: And for External cleansing, take white radish, grate it & pour milk in to the mixture & keep it in room temperature for about 30 minutes & apply in it the anal area 7 wash it with clean normal water after 15 mints

You would be amazed with the results..try this & enjoy life with natural treatments.

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