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I have had BV for about a year now, i've been to the gyno twice, recieving flagyl both times. Through my online research, flagyl has about a 20% chance of treating BV and is given an 80% chance of having BV come back. Unfortunately i fell in that 80% both times! I read a lot of the home remedies on this page and went to the store and bought ultimate flora (the blue pack) they didnt have the yellow and pink one many of the women were talking about, garlic 1000mg, acidophilus, folic acid and d3 1000iu. I feel like it would be messy to put yogurt vaginally, as many of you suggested, so i went the capsule route. The first night i took the powder out of the ultimate flora capsule and mixed it with a few drops of water and made a paste. I put it in vaginally and also took one orally. The second night took a wide bucket and filled it with almost unbearably hot water (be careful about the temp of the water, you dont want any burns especilaly in that area!!!) i put in 2 acidophilus tablets and 3 folic acid tablets, crushed, and half a cup of apple cider vinegar. I soaked in that for 10 mins. Next i took an acidophilus tablet, a folic acid tablet, vitamin D and ultimate flora tablet and put them in vaginally, as well as took them orally. Typically, these are all good to take daily, with or without BV, so don't be afraid to use them to your advantage. The ones vaginally i plan on taking for a couple more days until the infection clears. Also do not be afraid to use them both vaginally and orally the first few days. The ones vaginally are there to fix the problemed area directly in the area. The ones taken orally help fix BV as well as help with other things through out the body. So far, after just the first day i noticed i have no nasty discharge and no foul smell!!! Yay! The only smell im noticing is the bitter smell from the capsules i have inserted vaginally. I now see the bacteria in the toilet when i go, and 2 days in, im seeing results. Hopefully once i finish this process BV wont come back. Hope this helps you guys! ;)

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I had been getting bv for a long time, and I have found the only true solution to it. I tried several gynecologist and the medications would not help, and bought different creams, which would help for that month, but after I finished my period, I would get it again. I was at the end of my hope, sticking to what dr had told me that I had to live with it. I tried home remedies, ate yogurt, basically everything that you can think of, but I had forgotten to listen and believe to what I had been told several time by different people. I didnt have anything, all I had to do is have FAITH and believe that through Jesus Christ, God whas going to give me my victory. I would pray about it, but I would let my fear beat my faith. One day, I realized that I shouldnt even be going through this stuggle, because it is, my marriage was going down the drainage.... if God told me I was clean, healed, that I should worry or fear no more, why wasnt I listening. I believed and will always believe that when God says something will be done is because He will do it. I give all my praise and glory to the creator of everything, and I pray that you also believe Him and get to know Him and his son Jesus Christ, and see your miracle too. God bless you!

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