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I had been suffering with a boil right underneath my left butt cheek.. it was huge, red, hard, hot. I couldn't sit, stand, walk, lay down. My life had come to a stand still. I had been using a drawing Salve called PRID which has worked in the past. I got on here and saw one person had said toothpaste. I went and thank goodness we had the white Colgate paste. I could not put it on fast enough. I smothered it on and put some gauze on it. I was able to get into a semi comfortable position. Well with 2 hours it broke. I don't mean leaked. It burst open. Omg whoever the person that mentioned toothpaste. You are a life saver.

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So what do u do after it burst this is the first time ive had one n am totally freaking out!!!


White crest toothpaste. It worked. Did it the exact same way the poster above did. Put the toothpaste on the abscess, then also slatered a lot of it on a gauze pad and applied it.

Sat for two hours. It did sting a bit at first but settled down quickly.

Removed the gauze and gently started prodding at the outside of the abscess. POP. Just like a massive, oversized zit.

I can still feel some in there, down lower but I'll repeat the process tomorrow and see how it goes.

Dude said it. YOU ARE A LIFESAVER.


Have been in totally agony , was even crying ... Tried the toothpaste wow , it worked ... Just had a bath with detol .. Delighted away to Asda to do some shopping 3 hours ago I couldn't walk !


I have been using tooth paste for years! It works everywhere and I mean everywhere and for every type of bump! You just have to careful because it burns some people skin.


I just applied crest toothpaste.. Does the brand matter?


What is the BEST home remedy to get rid of Dark/Baggy cirlecs under the eyes?I'm a 16 year old guy with Dark cirlecs under my eyes. I've had them since my early years as a toddler. I faced the worst with people calling me Raccoon Eyes or Black Eyes but now it doesn't matter. I don't smoke. I get the sleep that is needed (meaning 7-8 hours every night) and I drink as much water as I can. I have allergies also they tend to go on and off every once in while, but anyway I was just trying to see if someone knew a VERY EFFECTIVE home remedy for dark cirlecs under the eyes. I have already tried medication, eye cream and all of that good stuff but none of them seemed to work. If you think you can help please answer this.

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