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I was diagnosed 2 days ago with GH. I'm still waiting for the blood and culture results but it's quite obvious. I'm am feeling quite devastated. It's so hard not to think less of myself, like now I'm damaged goods. I'm trying to make it through this first outbreak, but goodness gracious, I'm in PAIN. I have been taking valacyclovir twice a day, lidocaine jelly every 4 hours, and because I feel like dying every time I urinate I use vasoline to help protect my sores. I have literally read every post and comment on here and I have to say thank you to everyone. I managed to get myself to the store tonight and I bought just about every recommendation. I'm going to first try Epsom salt water in a squirt bottle for when I urinate. I purchased hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle, gloves, and the ingredients to make the Tylenol pm paste. I also purchased tea tree oil and tea tree oil soap for cleaning in the shower. I unfortunately do not have a bath tub in my home so I will be attempting to get through with my trusty squirt bottle. I will update and tell you how things go. Once I'm over this physical phase, I'm moving onto the emotional part. Right now it's all too much to deal with. I have no idea who I got it from, possibly my new partner who is unbelievably supportive but swears he doesn't have it, or my ex who I was with for 8 years who so nicely cheated on me. I feel so bad for my new partner because if this is something I've had, I could have given it to him unknowingly. He is going to get tested once my results come back. I don't even know what to do right now. And was I the only one surprised by the 1 in 5 statistic? Before finding this great site, I really felt like I was the only one. Once again, thank you for all your great advice and for sharing your stories.

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AD mom

Wow I truly understand your pain I was 8 months pregnant when my husban left me. Month later the moron resides he wants his family back so we sleep togather and a week later I go to the doc complaining of pain she takes one look and tells me I have GH I couldent believe it is the 2 most devisateing thing to me 1 was my father dieng espeshalyy since I've always been very carefull and protected my self from these things and I couldn't believe that because of two other ppl selfish acts I had to pay the price everythin you feel I felt too it's been 5 months since and I've had three outbreaks but I'm here for anyone that could need anytype of suport or just some. One to talk too plz feel free to ask and question maybe we can all be some kind of suport system cus I'm currently going throo my third outbreak the first day I was fine and I spent all day crying yesterday and I have no one to talk to this about no one in my family know or any of my friends


Update: I have found that the best relief comes from washing with tea tree oil soap, then spraying the area with hydrogen peroxide (it stings like hell for a minute but oh my is it worth it), the I let the area air dry or use a fan to dry completely, then I apply abreva to the sores. I have been taking 800mg motrin every 8 hrs on the dot, valtrex twice a day, and lysine 1000mg once a day. This method has helped me so much. I can urinate without pain, the groin pain and fever haven't returned, and I am actually pain free until I need to sit on a hard surface. Definitely keep the area as dry as possible, it really makes a difference. I just really hope this will be over soon.


I have never heard of using tea tree oil soap but I'm going to go buy some! I've had gh for 5 years. I seem to get over how I feel until I get another break out. I found out on valentines day and I confronted my ex and he told me that he never cheated and blamed me for having it before. Men are just mean and make u feel worse about yourself..I thought I wouldn't find a guy that could love me bc of it but I found out that people are understanding it takes awhile to share with your closest friends and family bc you feeling embarrassed but then you find out more people have gh then you think! I can't wait to try all these home remedies that you have shared thank you and yes I agree that having a support system is always helpful!


One post stated bashes
Bathes can spread the virus in the water, showering is much less likely to spread the virus. It makes sense to me.

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