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Nick T.

Okay, as ridiculous as this sounds - and still sounds to me - I had a stye that had turned into a significantly large ball on my eyelid. I've had it about 2 weeks, and it's been getting bigger (it seems) each day. Warm/hot compress seemed to do absolutely nothing. So, I read about the earwax remedy. It sounded disgusting, but better than using urine. So, last night, I got a cuetip, swabbed my ear, and rubbed the earwax onto the stye/chalazion; all over it - not in just one spot.

After two weeks, I wake up today and it is gone. Eyelid is still a bit red, but the entire ball is gone. Not guaranteeing this for everyone - but CLEARLY, this isn't just an old wives tale. 2 weeks of warm compress - nothing ; 1 night of earwax - Gone. Don't care if you believe me or not; but it's much less gross than urine, so you really have nothing to lose.

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for the record, I tried this.... it seemed to work, but then I noticed a worse infection... I ended up at the ER and the doctor told me that ear wax is actually a filter, so that no bacteria gets into the ear drum... All that I had done was place the bacteria in my already compromised eye. So, now I have a bacterial eye infection. He gave me drops and said that all they would have had me do for a sty is place warm compresses on it. That it would have made the sty come to a head, it would have seeped a little, and would have been done.

Kim Thompson

I too have tried the 'earwax treatment' & whether it is a bacteria filter or not I can honestly say It Does Work! I felt the stye coming up on my eyelid & thought 'oh no' as an event is coming up. I looked on the internet & came across this page. Two people had tried & tested it with results so I did the same - hard to find wax as I do have clean ears! - & hey presto! In the morning it had gone.

Jessica in PA

I would get styes from the time I was a child (6-7). They landed me in the er on more than one occasion. When I was in my 20's I got yet another one. My eye doctor gave me a home remedy that worked! It was a hot compress, not warm. He said to be careful, but make it as hot as I could stand. Leave it on, a damp washcloth, for about 5 minutes 3 times a day. I only needed once! Basically, styes have a root. Kinda like a pimple, a core that traps more crap. The heat expands the pore, and you kinda sweat it out. Sure enough, when I took the cloth away there was a tiny, hard core. My stye went away and stayed away for nearly 20 years! I keep seeing warm compress, but I used hot. And apply a bit of pressure. Just be careful, test on your wrist before applying to your eye. Good luck!


Yuck earwax sounds a lot more gross than using urine! For the record, urine is sterile and full of healing properties and minerals. You just have to clean your body well and catch it midstream.

Chrissy H

The ear wax treatment is not a myth its a fact. Tried it last night and woke up looking so much better. Not sure where you got your wax from but I got mines from the ear and it worked !! Awesome !! ,o doctor bill!!


ear wax and/urine disgusting..!!!!!!!
salt and hot water.. dab a cotton ball in the salt and hot water solution and quickly dab on stye to prevent infection.. it has to take it's course.. tea and camomile bags are also good.


My fiance got it and he is gonna freak when i suggest this XD


Ear wax has some antibacterial/antifungal qualities...but if it's already fighting bad stuff in our ears, it might not be the uncontaminated kind one should place near their eye(s).

Perhaps one can tell by the smell...with sweet or fruity smelling being preferred over sour or fishy.


You people are stupid. If you put eastward in your eye you deserve an infection. Smh

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