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My grandson Hunter is 9 months old and is teething and has been crying lots the last few days and not sleeping well. Just miserable!!
He isn't eating well because his mouth is hurting him so bad. Tonight, I came up with this wonderful idea that worked like a charm for him. Made baby ice cream and he ate 4 bowls of it. He acted like he was starving. Try it for your teething babies and grandchildren:
Baby Teething Ice Cream
1 can of Organic Pears with the Juice
6 scoops of baby formula
1/2 C of Organic Rice Cereal
Blend and put in ice cube tray
Pull out how many ice cubes you want to serve and whip up in blender. Spoon feed it to your baby, The bottle nipple hurts when it rubs on their gums!
Very tasty and it freezes the gums. Fed him while I was giving him a bath in the sink. His little belly was sticking out and his eyes were so sleepy. Now he is asleep and our home is quiet again.

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