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My father had cancer and was in and out of the hospital icu for months and was a carrier of MRSA and had a few small lesions unbeknownst to us. My husband developed what looked to be a few harmless pimples on his nose. But they became very red and swollen over the next few days. Then his nose and an area under his right eye became very red and swollen. Dr's at two ER's were not very helpful...we were asking for the infection to be cultured to no avail because it was getting worse and not responding to antibiotics at all. After praying fervently for the Lord's help, I went to the web and began reading and immediately found Manuka Honey. I could not find one bad experience. I must have read for hours. Everyone raved and said it worked! I ran to my local Whole Foods and purchased a jar (about $30) with a bioactive of 15+. Online it said it needed to be at least bioactive 10+, so I decided 15+ was even better. It worked! We kept it on his nose and bandaged it with a piece of gauze and tape for maximum absorption. It becomes a bit runny, especially on skin that is feverish from trying to fight the infection. 100% gone! (On about his 2nd day of infection it appeared on my cheek where he leaned in to give me a kiss and pressed his nose into my cheek before we realized what he had. I also used the Manuka Honey and because I began using it immediately, mine never necrosed - death of tissue/turns black).

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