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Natural working pain relief

the other day i woke up with such a bad pain, i went to an emergency dentist appointment (Im from UK, free dental almost) Well i was given an anti-biotic (penicillin) but no pain relief, the pain was terrible.
every night i would almost be in tears with pain,
i tried some remedies like, fresh garlic on the tooth, warm salty water, mouth wash and a tea bag on the tooth, none worked for me as a pain relief or a solution, because the abscess was inside a temp filling i had recieved a few moths ago,.

the only thing I did was to stop pain was 1. Lay on the part of my face that hurt most (no idea why but it completely stopped any pain when i laid on it)

2. have an ice pack against your face, i constantly had an ice pack against my face as it helped, for a few days, then my tooth got sensitive so i stopped for a day then it was fine,.

3. having warm baths, i loved having baths even more, every time i went in it stopped the pain, until i got out...

4. occupy your mind, i hadd to write out a latter (by hand) to my friend in prison, the whole time i was writing the letter, the pain wasnt there, it was great!

i would not recommend using anything on this website for a long term solution, you need to get to the dentist to get an anti-biotic, its necessary! they take about 48 hours to work and when they have started to work, god damn you will feel a lot better, i did! I am now just waiting to make an appointment to have the tooth taken out, feeling scared, untill i remember the pain it caused me!

even if you cant afford the dentist, surely you can save? Im sure an abscess cant live forever, use some of these pain relief to help you get through the time until you have the money, If your reading this right now, remember, i felt your pain, i really do, feels like the worst pain imaginable? Hope you have it sorted out very soon, good luck!

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