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As I've gotten older (late 30s now) I have become more susceptible to yeast infections and consequently, DiFlucan, Monistat and the like have stopped working for me so I've had to research and experiment on my own. I believe I've finally found the remedy for myself and I hope the information helps those of you reading:

When I feel a YI coming on:

1. I use a vaginal syringe (found on and fill it with sea salt and water once in the morning and evening.

2. If I'm really concerned/feel that I need additional treatment, I'll use a tampon soaked in apple cider vinegar. I keep it in all day (don't soak it too much otherwise you'll leak). It will sting but don't be concern as it will subside.

I typically feel some immediate relief but do this for a two or three days just to make sure it's fully gone and these two steps seem to do the trick.

For general prevention:

1. I take 3 Syntol pills in the morning on an empty stomach and 3 Syntol pills in the evening, at least 2 hours after I've finished my last meal.

2. I take a cranberry pill daily.

3. I have stopped using soap to wash my vagina because it disturbs the Ph balance and leaves you more vulnerable to YIs, so I now wash with water and sea salt and then cover my finger with additional sea salt and swirl it around the inside of my vagina. It may sting at first but will subside.

After sex:

1. I take an additional cranberry pill
2. Urinate immediately (this mostly helps with urinary tract infections but I do it for YI's as well)
3. Immediately do the salt water wash and sea salt swirl either in the shower or out (it's a little messy so I recommend doing it in the shower but you can do it outside the shower if need be)

Generally, the plan above has been a total life saver to me. Hope this helps others!

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I'd also like to add- boric acid inserts Yeastaway brand. Small amounts daily to keep the vagina acidic, not alkaline.

Also- a douche of 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 10 parts water will cure the itch IMMEDIATELY. And then insert the boric acid.

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