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I cracked a tooth and it hurt whenever I closed that side of my mouth because the tooth hit the opposite row of more teeth.

My solution for the pain was err... different. I found some weatherstripping and was intrigued that it was squishy. I cut a piece off and gripped it between my teeth that were not hurt keeping a gap possible so that the hurt tooth could not touch the others sending me pain all along that side of my mouth. The pain felt like 5 teeth were hurt so it was probably nerve pain. The pain was so intense that when I moaned the vibration made it worse so I kept holding my breath to deal with the waves of it.

After two nights of sleeping with the cushioning between the teeth and using it intermittently in the daytime, the tooth does not hurt and I finally ate on that side of my mouth. For now it seems to have closed off that painful gap it had.

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Sounds like you could be grinding your teeth I do and I have a bite splint it really helps :) think you can get one free on nhs?

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