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Best remedy I have come across for fever blisters, good old 70% isopropyl alcohol. I used abreva at the tingle phase, but the blister came up anyway the next morning. I applied the rubbing alcohol frequently and allowed it to dry. It will sting a little if exposed to healthy tissue so be careful. It cooled the blister, and stopped that annoying itchy feeling. I still occasionally used the abreva too. However, I will tell you the healing properties were mostly attributed to the isopropyl alcohol. I probably could've cut out the abreva completely because I only applied it once or twice and followed up with the alcohol. The next morning there was a small spot, where a darker scab had formed, barely noticeable, and not swollen or itchy at all. This was the quickest drying time I'd ever experienced in over 20 years. Normally it wouldn't taken me about 3 days with abreva only at a minimum before it would even start to dry up. I'd like to add that abreva doesn't seem to work as well for me anymore. Note: I used it at the first sign of the tickle, in the past abreva didn't allow the sore to come up. Just my personal experience.

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My wife gets these a lot. I had to start searching for ways to help her. Ignorant people are so mean!
What I found was Take Lysine up to 4000mg/day (also clears your skin up) and stay away from Strawberries. If she has one bite of strawberry anything she gets one immediately. Chocolate, Strawberries and peanuts have a high amount of L-Argenine which causes the virus to reproduce rapidly and break open (blister). The L-Lysine keeps the virus from reproducing. Its hard to keep a woman away from chocolate :). Lysine allows her to have some chocolate, no dark chocolate only milk chocolate. The peanuts she can have sparingly but absolutely no strawberry, instant blister every time. The lysine taken daily keeps her skin from aging. Hope this helps someone.


Whoever you are thank you!! I did a lot of searches and came up with a lot of bullshit.So when I saw you saying alcohol works so great I actually didn't have any in the bottle, but I did have some of those alcohol pads, and that's what I used.Let me tell you, it worked just as great as you said and alnost right away I started to feel and see a difference..So for anybody else that has these annoying things, grab some alcohol and let it do all the work.


Hey, I was just thinking that same thing! Abreva used to work betr for me years ago too! Just wonder if it is exactly the same as it used to be...


True theory about Abreva. It's not working the same this time, as in the past. Maybe the strength changed.


OMGosh! So glad to see that I'm not the only one! Abreva used to be great! I would put it on at the first tingle and the fb would not progress anymore and would heal right up. Now, it seems it's not as effective anymore. I bet they did change it, which is silly. As expensive as it is, it should work better. I thought they had a customer for life, but not anymore. Time to try other things. Going to try the L-Lysine. Fingers crossed!


I also agree. I used to use abreva often and it would literally destroy the cold sore no questions asked.

I got a tingle yesterday and got abreva on it asap, and still ended up with a sore.


Abreva does not work at all. My cold sore got very big. I used Abreva as directed but ended with a big cold sore


My fever blisters get so bad that my entire lip swells as if I got hit in the face and Abreva only seemed to make it worse, I’ve been looking around for ideas on how to treat it without spending a fortune on prescription, going to try a couple of these and see how they work! Hopefully they do!


Have to agree. I use abreva and it used to work great, but just doesn't work for me anymore. So disappointing. Will try the above recommendations and save the $20 I spent on abreva tubes in the past.

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