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HSV- I have had both oral and genital. (verified by VA doctor). Three thousand (3000) mgs of lysine will pretty much curtail any oral sores over 2-3 days. (stop caffeine during treatment).
Genital- A few people have noted the effects of Oil of Oregano. IT WILL KILL THE VIRUS if applied judiciously and consistently over weeks. Dilute in olive oil (some tinctures come in olive oil already). Apply drops under tongue, at small of back, and rub oil on genitals (diluted as it will sting if too concentrated).

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Lacey Autumn

Hey, I too struggled with herpes and tried so many things. Different things
work for different people and I was lucky enough to find something that works for me. I haven't had any recent outbreaks and it's been a life changer.

I'm a little embarrassed to talk about my personal life here but if anyone actually cares to hear what I've been doing then I'd be happy to help in any way. Just send me an email at and I'll tell you about how things are going for me with the stuff I've tried.

I wish someone would have helped me out when I was struggling to find a solution so if I can help you then it would make my day.

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