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Mahtab Khan

Homeopathic medicine can work as wonder on anxiety.

Take 'Ignatia - 1M' homeopathycally every day twice (morning and evening) half an hour before food for atleast 3 months.

Potency (i.e., 1M above) can be changed as per the condition of the patient.

You will see the clear difference or changes in patient's condition after 3 days.

This homeopathic medicine can work on anxiety patient who are suffering from any period of time even if it is 30 years old.

NOTE: After 3 days if the patient feels irritation or any problems in his body, immidiately stop taking this medicine and consult any good Homoeopath.

Please Note: Take this medicine at your own risk.

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This suggestion is counter to the basic principles of homeopathy in a couple of ways. If you are choosing a remedy based upon one symptom you are treating the patient for an acute condition. Acute treatment seldom goes beyond 3 doses and NEVER should be given in a high potency like 1M.

If the Ignatia is appropriate or the patient, this will be evident at any potency. It is best to give a 30C dose. If a person reacts poorly to it, the remedy at this potency can always be reversed.

Homeopathy can be a powerful tool for healing but only in the hands of someone who respects it and practices to the standard set forth by the founding fathers of homeopathy.

If anyone is truly interested in homeopathy, find someone online or in your area who will take an hour or more to evaluate your case before prescribing a remedy.


homeopathy is not real. it is a total pseudo-science and has been debunked over and over and over again.

it is not taught in any legitimate medical training program because it simply is not science and is not medicine!

and yes, it can be harmful. do your homework.

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