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I have suffered from boils in cluster on my armpits for four years. I get them about once every two months. I get into a hot, hot shower and spray the water as hot as it can go directly on it for about 5 minutes. Then I rinse it with white vinegar, wash it with hibiclens, and rinse with vinegar again. I cake baking soda on it and let it stay there for about five minutes. Then i put a mixture of baking soda and vinegar on a washcloth and rub it for a couple more minutes. When I get out of the shower, it oozes pus and blood like you wouldn't believe. It is painless and only takes about 15 minutes. Well, relatively painless, touching any boil hurts. I definitely recommend washing with hibiclens (you can get it at any drug store), vinegar and baking soda! Make sure to wash with a disinfecting soap such as hibiclens while treating the boil and for a while after the boil is gone, because the boil is caused by a bacteria, and will only come back if the bacteria is still present.

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Nothing works

Did not work for me


I use toget those. I had surgery in 2000 . Try decreasing greasy food intake and use dail antibacterial soap only the yellow bar no fragrance. My armpits have been fine every since.


It sounds like you may have Hidradenitis Suppurative. An autoimmune disease.


I get these all the time one arm to the next I hate it its sooooooooooo painful. I'm in tears now' I can't take this anymore. Lancing is worst. Idk what to do. I'm also a can at a hospital 12 hr shifts so that don't make it any better

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