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I read some advice from this website and the apple cider vinegar truly does work. the bumps were only on my butt and the outside of my vagina. They were not inside of it.. I took gauze and soaked it in the vinegar and taped it on the outside of my vagina where the outbreak was and left it there for an hour or night I fell asleep with it on there and it didn't hurt anything. But after the first couple days of doing that I would just rub the vinegar on there with a washcloth and then get dressed and let it sit on there and act as a lotion type deal to go throughout the day. It cleared mostly all the way except I made a MISTAKE OF PICKING it. Do not pick them even though they are pimple like and gross...they will last longer if u pick. Just maintain the apple cider vinegar and you'll be good.

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Did you rub Vaseline or anything before or after applying the vinegar...?


Obiously skin hale is a scam..quit spamming you dough bag!!

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