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I'm 21and have had a problem with my kingdom since I removed my birth control implant from my arm about a year ago and the doctors meds only worked for a little while and it came back. It was so strong I could smell it through my clothes and in class. I've had the same sex partner for the past 7 years and he could tell the big diffrence. I didn't even want to have sex untill......................... I found the best thing ever...I bought vitamin D3 1000 iu and folic acid 400 and omg it has worked for 2 weeks so far and i smell clean and fresh I feel so AMAZING I'm so happy this worked....take 2 D3 and 1 folic acid orally and insert 1 folic acid in ur kingdom( I know it's weird but it works) the first night ONLY!! After this just take 2 D3 and 1 folic acid every morning and 1 of each before bed ...Good luck!!!!

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Does it dissolve in inside? & does it work ive had these for a while now & cant find a relief its embarrasing for my partner & I to be intimate bc Its all I can smell & focus on


I tried this and it worked very well for me, not sure if Vitamin d alone would have done the trick (based on the other comments this seems to be a common treatment), but the next morning the odor was gone! Amazing, thank you all for your posts. Because of the recurring infection, my doctor had told me at one time that I may just be one of these women who have to take an antibiotic every day and I thought there is no way I will take an antibiotic every day! This site really helped me out.


How long did this take to work?? My guy comes back in 3 days! And he's looking forward to seeing me. I am heading to CVS now to get vitamin D3, folic acid and a douche.

BV 7 yrs

works i was scared it would burn but it was fine n went away the next day i take the morning dosage and a prenatal vitamin at night tho only difference if symptoms come bk ill repost an update

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