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In Pain and just want it gone

Ladies and Gentlemen, this isn't really a remedy, so much as a warning.

You ever had piles before? Haemorrhoids? Anal fissure? Did they/it hurt like hell?

Well if your anal tag, like mine, was caused by them, know that the tying off method will hurt tenfold.

I think perhaps it was because I had put alcohol onto the wound the string had initially made, but know that I am literally sat on the balls of my feet whilst typing this, having taken the string off after 5 excruciating days of pain. After having put on anaesthetic cream and everything.

I will try the rubberband/hairband method in my stubborness now, but know that I am unhappy with the fact that none of you accentuated JUST HOW BAD THIS FELT. I THOUGHT I COULD HANDLE PAIN OK?! I GET KICKED IN MY FIGURATIVE BALLS EVERY MONTH (I'm a woman by the way, in case that was unclear), BUT THIS IS NOT PAIN, THIS IS TORTURE. TORTURE.

But I'm having another go, because it is foolish of me to expect that something I've had for longer than I can remember (YEARS) will go in a matter of DAYS.

So if you are a masochist, I strongly recommend this method. Else, like me, if you are not, I recommend just to man up and go to the doctor. Yes, I'm being hypocritical here, because I sure as hell ain't going in the near future, but if you're ballsier, richer and have more time than me, just go. For your arse's sake. Please. Just go.

But hey, if this works, I'll retract that statement.

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No longer in so much pain

Ok so basically it was the thread thing. Acted like a cheese-wire. Use rubberbands ok? Trust me on this one. Still took a long time though. And make sure you get the base! I had to do it twice because I didn't really know what I was doing properly. Took more than a month, maybe more. Takes a while if you've had it for 4/5+ years.

not listening

You seem to be more interested in trying to be funny than in helping. Your post was neither helpful nor funny. Go vent your anger somewhere else.


I understand your comment. Forewarned is forearmed.


:( I had a bad experience too, it got really swollen and just tried one day, the pain was unbelievable! It was a very hard day at work! So I went home and with a disinfected scissors I just cut the skin tag with the fucking dental floss off my ass! A lot faster and a lot less painful than this stuped dental floss idea!

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