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Dental pain...the worst ever. I've tried lots of them: mouthwash made it worse, rinsing with peroxide really made it worse, clove oil is nasty & only helped for a really short time, then felt worse. Aspirin directly on the site helped. In my reading on the internet, I find that if cold water rinse removes the pain, then you have some sort of necrotic dental pulp which causes gases. The pain felt like sinus pain. I alternately treated with sinus meds, brushed with sensodyne, took 1 each motrin & acetaminophen. With thought of the necrotic pulp...I chewed gas-x, it seemed right since what I read said the pain was caused by dental gases. A day later, I felt like my tooth was going to start hurting again, so I chewed another gas-x, it immediately worked. IDK, but what I did worked. If you're reading this I know you're in pain. I feel so bad for you. Dental pain is the worst.

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