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Gee K

I read a bunch of them on here, Some damn right dangerous... Never put bacon or any meat near an open wound. There could be further pathogens on the meat that could get into the wound once it bursts. I get a recurrent one on my behind and the last one was extremely painful so I bathed in Epsom salts and did the floss with a towel and it burst. Followed that by applying further magnesium sulfate as a paste to the wound to encourage the poison to be drawn out.

And when I say floss I off course mean, In the one direction to check it has burst as you don't wont to keep doing that.

I'm not sure how you would apply this to other areas of the body other than make sure you get lots of magnesium sulfate both as paste and bath salts (pennies in the pounds at local pharmacies) and go to town on the area. But the behind and from what I have read in others, the genitals seems a common area this problem happens so here is your solution to it.

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Over the last year ive had 2 under my armpit and woke up today with a small one starting under my other armpit. The 1st i got lanced n packed and will never go through that again so when i got the 2nd one i placed a slice of onion it and stuck it down with a bandaid. It draws the fluid to the surface and turns it gooey then bursts. Once its drained i made a paste of aloe vera n tumeric to help it heal. I also found a herbal tablet called KI which supports the immune system n fights viruses. I find i get them when im run down from work, though i eat good its my bodys way of telling me to slow down. I swear by onion and will never go through the trauma the doctor put me through.

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