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Thank you!

So ive had hearing problems my whole life. Mine was only severe at one point, when i was like 10 years old and my dad scraped out nasty black chunks of grossness out my ears. Now a days, ill get a led pencil and VERY CAREFULLY(Note that i used the word very.) pick it out. Except before i did that, i plugged my nose with my finger like a skuba diver and try to push the ear wax out my ear by blowing into my nose. Today i did just that and got one huge clump out my left. Gross as it was it was in the shape of the ear anatomy opening lol At first it hurt when i got a hold of the wax. But once i slowly and carefully pulled it out, it felt soooooooo nice. I still had this slight pain in my ear as if i was bleeding or my ear popped. It scared me and i ended up stopping. I couldnt resist 15 minutes later since i could hear more in my left ear and decided to do my right. Evidently the same thing happen but not as big as the left. Believe it or not, soon after, i got another huge chunk like the first two again out my left! When i was done i just spun a q-tip around to get what was left around the area of my ear i never knew existed. After, i looked online to see why my ear would be hurting from removing these grotatious ear wax and came across an older version of this website. I sat down, read and i notice how most of these remedies requires softening your ear wax up and using pressurized warm water. So i concluded why my ears are slightly hurting, because i yank the dried up wax up off my ear drums!!! D: Regardless of that,
I'm terribly convince that in most average cases. Sticking 5-10 drops of olive oil in your ear for 10-? minutes and flushing it out using a those baby syringe things and warm/hot water. I haven't even tried it yet and i feel like this is the way to go. Thank you so much though for this helpful website defiantly should be helpful since i love to sing and this will be BIG help. Thank you. I shall now go stick some oil into my BRAIIIIN!!! ^o^

-Much love from cali.

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Falling Rock

Cali, on your earwax problem (and mine) - Please let me suggest that you should not hold your nose and blow hard, trying to push earwax out of your ear. The air pressure inside your lungs and throat and nose CAN NOT PUSH anything out from your ear, unless you burst your eardrum with the pressure you made. And bursting your eardrum by blowing against it from the inside would give you a tremendous earache, and could make you deaf in that ear! So, STOP! Your idea of softening the earwax by pouring in from the outside is OK. My mother's Uncle C.C. Jones was an EENT (Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat) specialist, a medical doctor, who studied extensively in Vienna, Austria, under some of the leading physicians and surgeons in the world as well as graduating from Medical School here in the United States with the M.D. degree. He taught my mother to drip some warm, clean, Mineral Oil into the ear and let it soak into the earwax; flush it out after 5 to 15 minutes. If you have some Extra Virgin Olive Oil,uncontaminated, that would do as well. My mother kept my ears clear that way, and my ears make a lot of earwax! The only problem about olive oil is that it can be contaminated, and germs can grow in it. If a spoonful is easy to swallow, without that burning in your throat, it is generally good. If it burns your throat, it is probably contaminated, soured, no good. Just don't hurt your ears by blowing from the inside. I got a bad earache when as a kid, I did that, and I blew germs and stuff up into my inner ear through what the doctors call, the Eustachian Tubes. One of those connects from your inner ear in each ear to your throat, to let the air pressure inside your ear adjust to match the air pressure in your room as that changes from the cold and warm fronts moving through and also when you drive up on a high hill or mountain, or take off in an airplane, or come down from a mountain or down in an airplane. When people speak of their ears popping, it means that a bubble of higher-pressure air has just then, forced its way out of their ears through their Eustachian tubes. Or, forced its way in, if they were coming down (air pressure on this planet is weaker when you are higher, and is stronger when you come down to a valley or nearly to sea level). Anyway, I can tell that you are nice and a smart person who has already caught on to what works.



Thanks for sharing.

Thinking there's perhaps a more suitable tool for pulling ear wax than a pencil?

Know that there's one which looks like a dental tool, but with a tiny wire loop on the end instead of a pick.

Found one at a flea market.

After quick web search - it appears some drug stores sell various models of them too.


We do what we need to do Cali and I'm grateful for your post because I'm a singer as well and I've had this problem for nearly a year. It's so frustrating. I just though I was going deaf and my singing days were over as it has affected my nose and throat, BUT, I'm happy to try the Olive oil and syringe remedy and give it a gentle go. Hopefully that also helps to clear my nose and throat so I can sing properly again :-)

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