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After reading several suggestions on here, I decided to try the honey, tea, and milk remedy. I soaked my very painful burned hand in a bowl of cold milk, with about a quarter cup of store-band honey. The I soaked the black tea bags in the mix and plunged my hand in. It was INSTANT relief, even after the milk got warmer. After soaking about an hour, I dabbed it dry, slathered more honey on, then topped it with the soaked tea bags. I put a layer of gauze over it all, then wrapped it in that non-sticky tape wrap that adheres to itself. The burning came back shortly after I took my hand out of the milk, but it was at least bearable. I took some ibuprofen and am now hoping it just continues to burn less and less. Wish I could just keep my hand in milk all night, haha. :) But the burning is way better than it had been!

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Burnt my hand pretty badly on a hot pan handle when it came out of the oven. Was looking for any helpful hints when I came across your post. May not have found a remedy but haven't laughed this hard in ages! Thanks.

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