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Thank you, Jesus!!!! I've had a crazy yi the past week and tonight, it reached epic itchy levels. I have been on antibiotics for a minor skin infection and of course, it caused an awful yi. Tonight, I've been laying in bed going crazy. Couldn't sleep from itching so freaking bad. I realized I should see what I could find out for some instant NATURAL relief and found this page. I'm exhausted, it's late, and my family is asleep so I wanted to do something quick, quiet, and easy. I used a paper towel (that's all I had) folded up into a square, then spread Vaseline over it and sprinkled it with garlic powder. I just spread my labia and gently pressed it against the opening. It did burn, but I had been itching so I knew that was why. it almost felt good, though, honestly. Here I am now, feeling completely better, and ready to get a great nights sleep. Tomorrow, I'm going to use the garlic clove method and get rid of the internal problem!! Thank you ladies, for such an amazing and simple fix lol

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Try oil of thieves.(I used Young Living) It worked amazingly quick on the external itching. It burned like heck when I put it on bc I had been itching so bad but I got immediate relief, which the anti-itch creams were NOT able to come even close to providing. I was going crazy and desperate for relief from itching!! I put a few drops on my finger and applied it externally. Once the burning stopped, I had 90% relief from the itching.


I found it worked I didn't have any garlic power just normal garlic cut it up in small bits with ill warm water and salt sat in it and just bath my vj it feels so much better no itcy or burns thank you

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