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Hey guys and gals, lots of pain relieve remedys. But the thing that works every time is eating two to three pieces of bread. It blocks cold air and if your a smoker this one will really work for you. Hope this helps. Ps. DO NOT USE SPICES!!!! They hurt!!!

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Thank you so much. My 20 year old son is in college and went to the dentist but they can't do anything for 7 days and he was in soo much pain. This gave him some relief and able to sleep. Thank you again!!!


Thanks a zillion times and more Ronnie. Wish I had seen your post yesterday when this throbbing started. Worked like magic. Bless you


I woke up at 2:03 with the most horrible tooth pain I've ever felt. Started searching the web and this bread trick has really helped. I was literally about to lose my mind it was so intense. Vicodin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, none of those worked but the bread helped close the big gaping exposed nerve I have. Now just waiting for dentist to open in a few hours


It is 5am i have been up all night...This truly works..Thank you...Thank you thank you...


Thank you so much, chipped a tooth and i woke up in tears from the pain. Cant sleep cant eat cant get into a 'in my shitty insurance network' dentist for a month!! Tried every over the counter painkiller and clove oil spent over $75 nothing worked..tried this 99 cent white bread and some aspirin and now its at least tolerable enough to sleep!! Thank you again:)


Oh my fucking gosh thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much I've been in pain for days and today at work was straight HELL until I ate that bread lol thanks a bunch


I've read PAGES of these comments full of different "home remedies" and none of them have worked AT ALL for me... bread? Really? Bread? I doubt it would work and... it didn't, at all. How is bread supposed to help? If anything it made it worse. Are you guys paid to post here? If so no one will ever see this because it will just be deleted...

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