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Ok well I'm 16 and my wisdom teeth have been coming in on and off for a couple months no biggy I have a pretty decent pain tolerance but recently it hurt so bad that I was just to the point of crying it woke me up every night. I did get on here and found stuff that works however I modified it so I figured id share.
1st- I took pain killers (advil, ibprofen ect)
2nd- I swished warm salt water around and did this bout 5 times since my mouth was swollen I did it that many times just to make sure it had gotten to the the tooth and gum
3rd- this is what realllly helped! I used redcross tooth ache medicine. You can usually buy it at a drugstore 5 bucks its a small bottle but works amazingly! Use a q tip and swinging it on the gum tooth ect. NOTE: this stuff taste absolutely horrid! Try to not get it on your tongue cuz it instantly makes you stool and want to spit it out DONT SPIT IT OUT!! if you spit it out it doesnt help at all. Thanks to everyone who posted on this site it really helped!

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Thank god

Wow that worked great, I have a impacted wisdom tooth and can't go to dentist until tomorrow.. My was hurting severely and the Red Cross tooth worked perfectly .... Thank you Thank you Thank you....

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