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Being a Dental Assistant here is what I can say about tooth aches. Usually the person is needing a root canal so you can either be put on an antibiotic for a week and have it done(cost $1200) or have it extracted. the nerve has gone bad and its letting pus,gas and blood collect at the end of the root casing pain and the antibiotic removes the infection, but if you don't get the problem taken care of it will come back.

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Hi, I'm having a situation with my teeth, not any in particular just all in general, theirs like a throbbing pain in each and everyone of them. At first i thought it was the change of the weather but its not the weather. Because it's now at a stable temperature. I Also thought it was the fact of me eating candy, but its not because i laid off candy for a while and the pain still continued. I'm now at the point were i can't take the pain anymore its very aggravating/irritating.


yes i agree w/ it will come back. ive had this wisdom tooth bothering me for 6months. i dont have insurance or the money to get to a dentist. this pain in this tooth is worse than the back pain i have due to scoliosis. ive tried everyting. ive been taking 4 motrin evry 6hrs along w/ a norco every 8hrs & it doesnt touch it. the left side of my face is swollen & i cant eat. ~ tried the garlic & it didnt work. nothing has worked. so i made an appointment to go in. i hope you all dont wait like it did cuz everytime the pain comes back it worse than the time befor. let me be your lesson.


That's all fine and dandy unless you have no insurance and can't afford it

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