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Thank you so much for all these posts about the oil. For those of you who just entered this page:


-Cold packs on your face and try to use pressure. This will really help relieve the pain as well. I recommend using a head wrap.

-Make smoothies with lots of ice! Easy to eat, filling and won't slow your healing process. Also, the cold helps the pain

-Rinse with warm salt water UNLESS you have a clot that has come out of your wound. If that is the case rinse with plain water and take an aspirin.

The oil from the toothache kit provided does taste bad and it does burn a little in the beginning but it is so worth it. It's around 5-7 dollars at your local drugstore. It WILL relieve your pain quickly. Just keep applying the oil with the cotton balls every few hours to keep the pain away. I promise this will work.

I was on two different pain killers because the pain was so bad and yes, I am a smoker. I used the kit and have been pain free ever since. I am even able to eat solid foods again! The kit has also aided in the healing of my wounds. For those in pain, this kit is a must use!

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Sammantha Avants

I am 17 and both of my right wisdom teeth are coming in. The only thing is they are being blocked by other teeth. I was wondering if I should pull the teeth in front of them to give them room to grow that way the pain might ease up some?

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