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Jo dG

As most have recommended, it's vital that you avoid licking the corners of your lips. It's not alleviating the problem, in fact, it's just gonna get worse due to the bacteria from your saliva.

I treated mine with Vaseline with Aloe Vera but it didn't stop the drying and bleeding.

The remedy that works for me is this:
(1) Apply hydrogen Peroxide with a cotton swab 3x a day to the affected part. Let it sit for a full minute. Clean with a dry swab.

(2) Apply lip balm. But this time, I tried Burt's Bees beeswax lip balm - WAY a lot better than Vaseline due to its natural anti-oxidant properties.

I recommend you apply liberally the first time you use it - pref in the evening.

It's a bit expensive but it's the only lip balm that has worked for my stubborn situation.

The next day, the sore is gone. And bleeding has stopped.

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