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Velma Dafney Doo

Rolled oats cereal, licorice tea, two bars of extra strength industrial exlaxx, 2 cups of warm but not hot prune juice 1 spearmint sugar free retsin added certs, 2 velamint (any flavor works but I prefer butterscotch) and last Sundays paper. Mix all but the last ingredient, and chuck like it's your bachelor / bachelorette party. Wipe your mouth plant your self in a lawn chair away from decent folks and DO NOT PUSH. The paper is to fan the fumes so ya don't pass out and hit your head.

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This sounds lethal. Way to harsh on the stomach -- 2 exlax ? candy?


I've been laughing for 10 min straight :D


Can't stop laughing


Lol...that made me laugh my ass off


I won't try it but I got a kick out of laughing for the past 5 minutes!

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