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Taken from a medical article, as quoted below.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), naproxen sodium (Anaprox, Aleve), or ketoprofen (Orudis), often help. Take NSAIDs daily starting one to two days before your period, and continue regularly through your heaviest days. Use the lowest dose that gives you results. The NSAIDs have definitely been shown to decrease menstrual blood loss because of their ability to interrupt excess prostaglandin F2-alpha.

I've tried it because I'm due for an ultrasound soon, but have been bleeding excessively for over 2 months so far and still going. I take nurofen and during the hours of its efficiency (6 to 8 hours), I have next to no bleeding. It does come back once the drug's potency is gone though. It's not a cure for the actual problem, just something to help you on the days you need to be up and about :)

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would asprin work???? im only 13 and i have a very very very heavy going thro like a box a day of 20 tampons :( im trying to figure something out because school is a big problem with the whole thing so... i can only have asprin in school other than that i cant


Taking Advil worked for me. I am 53 years old and as I get closer to menopause my periods get more unpredictable. I am so glad I tried this. I thought I was going to have to call in to work and stay home. Thank you so very much for posting this information!!


Never take asprin on your period... asprin is an anticoagulant.n it causes the platelets in the blood slide past each other without sticking together


Where did you buy the nurofen? I have the exact same thing happening to me and I need a temporary solution until I can see a doctor.


I just tried this remedy. I am 50 and have fibroids which causes heavy bleeding. My periods come about every 24 days. I was due to attend an all night event which would have been difficult with a heavy period. I was spotting and new my period was coming. I started taking 800 mg of ibuprofin every 6 -8 hrs. My spotting stopped and I made it through the event. I stopped taking ibuprophin the day after the event. Immediately my period came.

Jenniffer Nichols

For excessive bleeding one can use coupe menstruelle cups. It is effective to cure heavy bleeding and you can keep it upto 12 hours.

Jenniffer Nichols

The coupe menstruelle is always good to use during menstruation, as it reusable and it does not affect the vaginal environment. You may check about this online from


Bleeding s cmng alng wit urine... Pls tel m sme remedies...

Rose - Dallas, Texas

I just came across this and wanted to share my input. I am 52 years old and in May I was on my period for 20 days straight till I came across a remedy that I can't find the link but it was to drink 4oz. of 100% pineapple juice and 4oz. of 100% lemon juice and it did the trick. It stopped within hours of me drinking it. I was ready in case that I would need it again this month but it was a normal cycle of only 4 days. I hope that this helps others as it helped me.

Heavy Flow

I have been bleeding for 3 months and 3 weeks. I have done everything from drinking pineapple and lemon juice together to taking birth control and the ibuprofen and still nothing is even making it lighter are there any other solutions?

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