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Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

A year or so ago, I kept getting ringworm. (Unknowingly, it was one of several signs that I was in a cancerous state).

I would put the Baking Soda on a spoon and individual drops, one at a time, of Hydrogen Peroxide until it was just wet enough to make a paste. Then put the paste on and around the spot. Don't wash it off. Depending on size of the spot, it will go in a few days. Twice a day is best.

Sometimes at night I would put Tea Tree Oil on it instead. That can burn if the spot is kinda raw. You'll know once you put it on :-|.

Look to change your diet. Raise your pH, avoid caffeine, sugar, flour, processed, GMOs, get rest, exercise, add trace minerals to your diet, a combination of these or all of the above.

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Does the baking soda and peroxide burn when you apply it? I've tried vinegar but it was too painful. Do you know of any kind of supplements one could take to help also?

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