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50% Baking Soda
50% Corn Starch

You can add powdered smell (perfume types) if you like.

Put into a small baby powder bottle and shake under your arm. Works wonders!! Even if you already smell bad. In these times be sure to get it on the clothes, too. HOWEVER, it can stain or lighten clothes. I usually wear t-shirts under clothes. Not cute for women. Too much straight baking soda can burn the skin.

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I use purebodyscent deodorants which a super effective when it comes to odor. I can sweat super heavy and not have any odor at all. It seems to work even better the more I sweat.


Where can I find one of those deodorants you say u use and help even if u sweat a lot.... Ughhh I hate to be like this it's embarrassing.... Please help me


where i can buy that king of deodorant...


You can go online purebodyscent web


Need one 2, it's sure embarrassing. kindly help pls

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