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Simple- you must increase your fibre consumption to at least 30grammes a day, and drink at least two litres of water, et voila, clear skin in a fortnight. Far more effective than silly epidermal applications. Perseverance needed though.

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Dr. C

It can be a 2 step approach of improved diet as well as topical application of cucumber.


Thank you for your suggestion. It's what I was searching for a NATURAL internal CURE. I believe all things happen within the body first. Then it show somewhere on our body/skin. That's our body’s way of saying HEY I need some HELP HERE either with water, vitamins or stop putting certain things within our body like COFFEE (for example). Topicals r ok if you want to MASK the problem but I want to go to the source of where it started. Thank You AGAIN...Jennifer


I do believe the answer is fix it from the inside and it will show on the outside.

Not sure what you mean by 'et voila' could you please elaborate.
Thanks, Rita


et voila is french for and there you go!! and if ur under too much stress all the cucumbers in the world wont help


I am not sure about the external applications, but a more permanent, though quick cure, is an increase in fibre intake, and (perhaps most importantly) WATER.


Nope. I drink 2litres of water everyday. its never improved. results vary


come on now....simple you say? I already drink a ton of water and how 'simple' is it to ingest 30 grams of fiber every day???


Maybe you should eat more products with plenty of fiber. Start off with cream of wheat, perhaps? And generally just have a healthy diet, and stick to it. Take a break from soda and junk food for a couple of months. Sleep 8 hours or so.


sadly to say, it depends on the person i have learned that the circles i have are due to some kind of face structure. meaning even if i bleached my skin and took all the vitamins in the world i would still have these bad boys. i naturally drink only water (except for the occasiona booze) getting good rest, not excessive, does help. makeup is the only 'remedy' i truly trust to work.


Fiber consumption and drinking plenty of water will help, but is not a total cure for dark circles.
You need to find the cause of the dark circles and treat accordingly.

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