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OK your reading this as your very desperate and in extreme agony, first thing let me tell you I know what it feels like, its the worst pain you're likely to ever have. OK so here is what works for me, First if you can brush your teeth with sensodyne swill mouth. with saltwater at body temp then get some TCP anti septic liquid and mix it 50/50 with warm water try to get the water at body temp so as not to create a nasty shock in your mouth. then gargle TCP mixture round mouth try holding it over bad tooth for 5 mins or longer taste like**** . Next get a clove of garlic peeled then take a knife and score ONE side of garlic lenthways so as to release the oils place the garlic in mouth with scored side touching offending gum/tooth. The other side will be touching lip mouth and is not scored so won't burn mouth but may burn gum. don't worry as burning is not so bad and is a good sign its working its magic. Leave for as long as possible wedged between gum and mouth. as your doing this take another 2 garlic cloves and crush/mash with salt, aspirin, sensodyne tooth paste, make into a rough paste next apply paste mix to small cotton swab with a good thick layer, then apply or if you can fill hole with some of the garlic mix, then place swab with mixture over bad area or wedge between gum and mouth try and leave in place for 30 mins or longer.
Also try to fill ALL gaps in between and in offending tooth with cotton wool soaked in clove oil.
This worked for me it took my pain from 10 to 2
Painkillers do NOT work at any strenth the pain is too severe Best and only cure is dentist teeth are NOT self healing they 100% get worse. hope this works for you good luck.

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