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Feeling a little lost. Summer of 2008 I found out I had herpes. I cried myself to sleep and was depressed for months. Six months later I started sprouting what seemed to be genital warts. I was so scarred from my first doctor's visit I never wanted to go back. I tried to use the prescription that my doctors gave me however every time I had to pick up my prescription it was $700 after the second time I picked up my prescription and it did not work I just couldn't afford it. I am so disgusted and heartbroken every time I take the mirror to take a look. As of right now I am trying to use the AVC treatment as well as could Teatree oil. Everything is happening what everybody says were supposed to happen such as my warts turning white however that is all that they do. I can't think of a worse feeling than being disgusted self-conscious embarrassed with your looks down there. when I use the AVC the next morning it's very painful to apply once more, I have been switching from AVC to Teatree oil every day for about a week now but not seeing any difference in size or them turning white. Since I'm being completely honest I have still not come to peace with the fact that I have HPV, sometimes I still cry my self to sleep, just on the fact alone that I could possibly or already have pass it on to my lover. He knows of my status and states that he does not care however it is still heartbreaking to know that I could pass on to him the same pain and guilt that I'm going through. I am seeking desperate help not only for my emotional reasons but also physical.

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Jenn Tasch

I too found out about 4 years ago I was given herpes. Then like you said, about 6 months later saw the start of hpv. It's a gut wrenching feeling to know there's no cure but in time I realized they are both manageable. Over time they are almost forgettable. If you can, seek profession help. Get a prescription for valtrex and look into laser surgery. I've been able to control my outbreaks of herpes and after laser surgery I've been free of warts since. I hope this gives whoever needs it, some hope for getting back to a normal life


My friend found she had genital warts 3 months ago. She tried banana peel, but that didn't work. She then tried ACV. After several applications, the warts turned Grey, then black and fell off. She would soak a cotton ball with ACV and place it on the warts. She believes hers fell off because she used the cotton that was in a bottle of vitamin C pills. She has one left that she is treating the same way, but that one is stubborn she said. At first she was very depressed, but she has hope now. The main thing is not to worry because stress won't help them go away.

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