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I work in a dental office. Brushing your teeth with a salt mixture will only erode your healthy enamel. Try using baking soda on your tooth brush moisten under tap water. Then each night use a cap full of peroxide to gargle with. This will help whiten teeth over a period. This method is less evasive on the healthy enamel.

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When I use baking soda and peroxide it burns my gums and leave them numb and white for a while. Do you know what would cause that?


ou should try to avoid brushing your gums with baking soda. It will leave your gums raw and painful. However, brushing your teeth with baking soda also de-sensatizes your teeth. So, if you have difficulty with hot & cold foodsdrinks hurting your teeth or have a broken tooth or cavity, this technique will serve you well.

Start off brushing with baking soda during your normal daily brushings for the first week Then, you can cut back to everyother day, reducing down to once a week.


Is the peroxide the same as the hairdressers use? Is it safe for teeth and health please? I have not yet used any of the remedies mentioned here. I am just reading and trying to find one which may work for me. Thanks


No its not and this does work I use it and my teeth are really white and it does not leave my gums numb or anything like that.


No it does not work they are all lyin it put me in the hospital for 3 months so do not do it.


What type of peroxide should I get?


Use a 3% hydrogen peroxide. 3% is safe for oral use. It may also say on the bottle that it safe for oral.


I am a 24 year old female and i need serious help with my teeth. I am struggling on how to whiten my teeth, i tried Sensodyne toothpaste, whitening chewing gums, mouthwash but nothing seems to work. I totally hide my smile when am around people and I dont enjoy going out anymore. I see different remedies here and i want to try one...seems the Baking Soda is the way to go. Will This Help Me?? Plzzzzzzz i need advice.


Peroxide and fluoride are toxic in nature ,so you should use peroxide free teeth whitening ..Zero peroxide teeth whitening is also best option for home based teeth whitening kits ..Here is my review at

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