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lauren d.

Short and sweet answer. Mint flavored chewing gum! I broke a piece of spearmint extra gum in half chewed the piece until soft on the side of my mouth that didn't hurt, once soft i switched sides and i chewed the gum for 15 mins or so focusing on my wisdom teeth. I have been dealing with wisdom teeth pain for a few years now on and off and this worked the best! It took the edge off the pain so much so that i didn't need orajel! As many know orajel only works for a few minutes. I have also tried warm salt water and that did nothing. So please try the gum!!! Be sure to chew the gum for at least 10-15 mins or until you notice the pai. Go down. Do this everytime your pain peaks and pretty soon you will only have to chew twice a day. Try try try!

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The gum really works!!!...Thanks

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