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I am here to share with you a simple pain reliever for hemmorhoids.

My hemmorhoids started 20 years ago after giving birth to my first child,which was 1993, then it disappeared. It came back in 1997, 2nd childbirth. which disappeared again. On both times, i resorted to suppositories and hot sitz. I believe it was what they call internal for there was no protruding tissues externally.

However, since 2006 until, bulbs of muscle tissues started to protrude, it must be because of my spicy diet. I had an on and off relationship with pain.

And then last year 2013 until now, the pain stayed. I cannot afford surgery or other medical treatments. So I browsed online for home remedies.

For swelling and pain, aloe vera gel helps, it is the middle slimy part of the plant, green parts removed. I used the oblong shape measuring spoons to mold the chopped aloe vera gel, 1 leaf = 1 suppository for me. Freeze and use as suppository. Side effects, it gave me gas. but its ok, it is bearable.

For pain, about 5 days ago, I have discovered from online browsing that ampalaya leaves (bitter melon leaves)is a cure as well. For 3 days now, I have been using it. To my surprise, it is a great pain reliever. I tried dabbing my hemmorhoids with its chopped leaves and juices, and the pain disappeared instantaneously! So, I put some leaves with its stems in the blender and grind them. I used the measuring spoons again as mold then freeze it. I coat it with a little bit of olive oil before using for its is rough to the touch when frozen.

I hope this helps. Thank you and good luck!

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You should look into H Miracle its proven to work great and my dad had success with it

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