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BV FREEEE!!!! :)

Okay ladies! I found the cure. I've struggled with BV for years now, and after going to the doctor numerous times & getting treated for Chlamydia (which I did not have), BV, and yeast infections.. nothing worked!! I was so ashamed. I have a desk job, but talk to many people on a daily basis, having to get up to assist them, etc.. it was so embarrassing to have such a funky smell and always so self conscious about whether or not others could smell it as well. So, are you tired of sitting with your legs crossed tightly? Try this!!
I went to the local pharmacy and got a 'vinegar & water' douche, some peroxide, and apple cider vinegar. Also, some 1000mg garlic pills, ultimate flora women's care, and women's one a day vitamins. I laid down in the shower, douched with the vinegar and water, washed the douche very good and done the same with the peroxide & apple cider vinegar. Peroxide kills bacteria, while the apple cider vinegar makes good bacteria welcome (you may want to dilute the vinegar, it burns)
once I got out of the shower, I took 2 of the 1000mg garlic pills, 2 of the ultimate flora, and a women's one a day vitamin and inserted 4 garlic pills, and 2 ultimate flora pills into my vagina. You may want to wear a panty liner because the pills will come out like discharge.
So far, I have a clean smell and no discharge! I couldn't be happier!!! :)
I will continue to do this for a few days and continue taking the pills to ensure that it doesn't come back. Also, try eating some all natural yogurt. Stay away from scented soaps and perfumes & try wearing more cotton panties so your vajayjay is able to breathe.
It's always a good feeling to feel fresh after being miserable for so long! I hope this works for you, too!

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Where do you get the women's ultimate flora pills?


Reading your post made me feel like I wasn't alone! I too work in an office and share my space with another co-worker. I am sitting legs crossed, paranoid to move or open my legs. At this point, I will try anything.

2 years

It will come back. Post again in a few weeks. Then I'll believe you.


I have battled with BV for a year now. I also use a variation of this trick and it works immediately. I take a probiotic daily and when I notice the BV starting to come back I will insert a garlic pill and a folic acid pill nightly. The next morning the smell is gone! You have to do it for a few nights for your body chemistry to regulate. Taking the probiotic daily has really seemed to help!


Do you have to insert the folic acid and garlic or can you just take them?


You can purchase the ultimate flora vitamins (get the pink and yellow box) at most pharmacies. I ordered mine online from Walgreens.


Okay ladies. I suppose I lied to you. My method did, in fact, work... but not for long. About 3 days after I stopped this treatment, everything was back to 'normal' ya know, the nasty, funky smell & horrible discharge? It's a nightmare. I actually just left the doctor, & I have yet another round of antibiotics that I'll have to take. She said that some people just have it. Point blank. THERE HAS TO BE A CURE!! :(

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