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Rexton Fernando

When I was young we used to crush the rock salt and clean our teeth with our fingers. I have also used herbal tooth powder like “Gopal tooth Power” which is still available in the market and people are still using them. Gopal Tooth Powder packet contains dried herbs that are formulated from Siddha medicine. The ancient formula in Gopal Tooth Powder contains mild but effective herbal abrasives which will gently remove stubborn stains.
There few things my mother gave us to get rid of the toothache. She taught us to goggle salt water couple of times and do one of the following.
1. Chewing cloves and parking it where the rotten tooth can relieve the pain immediately.
2. Chewing fresh garlic will work wonders. Though you may have a bad breathe, you tooth ache will vanish temporarily.
3. Chewing fresh ginger can temporarily relieve the pain.
4. Years ago we could buy tooth tincture. Keeping the cotton dipped in tooth tincture can relieve the pain.
5. Applying crushed aspirin directly on the affected tooth will also reduce the pain.

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WELL... I'm here to tell you that the 'Cloves' WORK...Like a dream!!!
Try it!!!


Fresh garlic worked like a charm. Thank you


The garlic works perfectly :D


After chewing the cloves my boyfriend said his hole mouth was numb. So I think we'll stay with it.


Garlic!!!! I can't believe it worked! Immediately! ... it tasted horrible and kinda burned my tounge a lil bit but I dont give a F! It worked! Thanks!

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