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Hi guys, I'm a 17 year old girl, I been suffering from BV for a long time. Its really embarrassing when your sitting in class and people like ''it smells like raw fish'' or worst when I'm in gym and have do pulls up with a partner. I never tried any medication because of the side effect. I tried many home remedies. Nothing worked. 3 days ago, I came up with a remedy myself. Guy I'm telling you, try this before any medications.
I put little bit of mustard oil in my Vajay , within 10 minute I noticed the smell was gone. You can mustard oil everywhere. I got mine from a Indian store. Guy try this you won't be disappointed

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Thank. Omo it worked!


Its called mustard oil? Is it oil? How did u insert it? I'm dying for help.


Does it stop the discharge ?


Sorry about the grammar mistake -.- I was in a hurry.
You massage the oil on your vagina , (((not in it))

And i did notice a little less discharge but the smell is completely gone.


Im gonna try it!!


What kind of mustard oil did you use?

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