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After getting involved with a new sex partner (my current boyfriend) last spring, I was shocked and dismayed to develop symptoms of BV. I diagnosed myself on the internet, for I'd never had BV before, then I went to the doctor and was prescribed expensive antibiotics. My symptoms cleared up right away. A month later they were back.

At this point I'd done more research online and had decided that I had a vaginal bacterial imbalance that I didn't want to treat again with harsh antibiotics. And so began my quest for a natural cure. I took garlic and cranberry supplements. I took folic acid and a powerful probiotic. My last addition to this OTC arsenal was Goldenseal, a natural antibiotic. I also treated myself with Rephresh gel (worked the first time but not subsequent times), garlic and yogurt suppositories, and hydrogen peroxide douches (also alleviated symptoms the first but not subsequent times). I changed my diet (I'm a daily drinker and tend towards sugar addiction). In short, I tried everything. The BV was annoying, shameful, embarrassing, emotionally taxing, etc. You know. It negatively affected my relationship with my boyfriend and made me feel repulsive.

But then it occurred to me that I could STARVE OUT the bacteria and start fresh. Behold my FREE, KNOCK-OUT, TRIUMPHANT CURE. I went on a 48-hour water fast. Well, really about 45 hours. It was difficult! But at the end of the fast, my symptoms were GONE and they have not returned since. During the fast I still maintained my vitamin and supplement regimen, but since then I've run out of cranberry and goldenseal and I've been fine. I currently take daily folic acid, a multivitamin, garlic, and a probiotic, all of which I should be taking anyway, with or without BV. My diet hasn't changed--I still drink wine, etc.--though I try to drink more water throughout the day to keep my system flushed. I'm more vigilant about my boyfriend's personal hygiene habits and try not to have intercourse with him if he hasn't showered that day, but we've slipped up a few times and I've been fine. Once in December I began to suspect that I was developing BV symptoms again (probably paranoia), so I immediately went on another water fast--this time for only 30 hours or so--and my scent returned to normal.

I can't tell you what a relief it's been to be rid of these symptoms, especially through such a natural cure. I'd be curious to know if anyone else has success with water fasts because I found them to be miraculous. Plus I think they benefit your health in general. Good luck!

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I've had BV for a while now & it sooo embarrassing to get up around people
people & I'm so self conscience thinking that somebody smells me . So I can totally relate . so when you mean a water fast you mean not letting water into the vagina (showers,baths) ?


What she means, sweetheart is that she doesn't eat or drink anything but water for the two days (48 hours). It's tough as hell but worth a try if you don't have any health issues that going without food for two days would aggravate (hypoglycemia, diabetes, etc.)

Good luck!
Naomi S.


Yes, exactly. A water fast involves no food or liquids other than water for (in my case) 48 hours. It has now been approximately four months since I did it and I am still bv free. In my original post I forgot to mention that I'd also tried apple cider vinegar douches, which did not work. Starving out the bacteria was the cure. Good luck, ladies.


Did you raise your vitamin intake while fasting? And if so how much?


Hi I did a water day fasting of 30 days, not only did it cure the bv for me but I lost 30 lbs, feel great, no sugar craving, no carbs, just been doing really well. I drink plenty cranberry juice no sugar, take vitamins and my truebiotics daily. I have no ache on my face or back, no joint pain, no nothing. I'm totally fine after getting back into eating foods again I eat lots of veggies and fruits. I don't eat animal meat but I do eat meat which is fish and seafood only. No fried foods and now I have a better relationship it God.


I too suffer from BV and am part of a group called The Snake Diet. Which is a fasting diet with salt and sodium water only. I’ve fasted for a total of 96 hours and still had my BV. The antibiotics my doc has me on cause horrible heartburn so I’m going to try the fasting again...


I've suffered from bv symptoms on a consistent basis for a while now. I'm currently on hour 25 of an 120 hour (5 day) water fast. After just coming off my menstrual, I'm happy to report that there's no smell or discharge. I'll note that I've abstained from intercourse for nearly 3 weeks and I'm only drinking alkaline water. I'm excited and thankful.


I fasted for 3 days and noticed i didnt have an odor! Ive done it before and thought i was cured and stopped taking my priobotics and boric acid suppositories. Well it came back. So now i realize that after you fast you have to keep taking the things that helped in the 1st place to keep the odor at bay.

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