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I have been prone to boils in my bikini area since I began shaving. I have even had to go to the doctor/ER to have them lanced several times, not only is that extremely painful but leaves a scar each time. The size of the boils vary each time, sometimes they are small enough where they heal themselves and others need A LOT more attention and seem to appear over night without warning! I have been suffering from yet another boil in my bikini area for two days. I can barely walk, sleeping is a challenge and heaven forbid I touch it, I go through the roof! I started googling some home remedies to see if there was anything I could try, I was desperate! I read a review of a product named PRID and thought I would give it a try. It's a drawing substance that can help bring boils to a head. Skeptical I still took the trip to Walgreens and bought the product. I applied it before bed after taking a hot bath and washing the area, I covered the area with a bandaid and went to bed. I woke up the next morning feeling no different, still the same pain and discomfort. I took another hot bath and applied more product and covered it. Just two hours after being up I noticed that the area was starting to have white areas, like a whitehead. I proceeded to take another bath and apply a warm compress and while in the bath the area began to drain and I had instant relief! I was shocked, I couldn't believe the product actually worked, I've tried everything in the past without success. Once the draining had subsided I washed the area and applied more PRID and a bandaid with bacitracin and a dressing. I'm waiting to see how it feels later on in the day but for right now I'm feeling a million times better! I'll continue to keep the area clean and dress it daily. I would recommend this product to anyone who struggles with the horrible pain from boils.

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I had one in the same spot and refused to get it lanced. I had one lanced on my ear lobe and that was an experience I'll never forget. I went with the Prids also. Within 12 hours mine had burst and it was such a relief. PRIDS is the way to go!

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