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Clove oil!

To whomever mentioned cloves, thank you!

I had a list of things gathered from here that I was going to try (gargling warm salt water, though I had tried this earlier and it didn't help, the rubbing alcohol, ground cloves, and the garlic).

Well, as I was getting ready to try these, I remembered I had clove oil that I usually use for incense, but that is also 100% pure and natural. So before gathering the other items, I dabbed a few drops on a finger, and applied it to the gums around my the teeth in question. OMG, almost instant relief!

The left side of my head was cracking open in pain. I didn't expect it to actually help with that too, but it did!

I can't see the abscess, but know it's there, possibly beneath a tooth. I also had/have a sharp pain in my neck, on the same side of the head, and learned that it's most likely because my lymph node there has been draining the infection, and because of it, the infection has spread to my throat now too.

Okay, now that the pain is 95% gone, it's time to talk about treatment. The clove oil won't take the infection away, obviously. Tea bags were mentioned several times for drawing it out, but mine is hidden, so that won't help me.

I'd like to mention what I plan trying. The doc would give antibiotics, right? But synthetic antibiotics can be harmful to one's immune system, and I can't afford a doc anyways. So I plan on using natural antibiotics which, unlike their synthetic counterpart, won't attack your body. The 3 sources I've decided on using: honey, chamomile tea, and fresh, raw onions. I'll be drinking the tea with honey at least twice a day for a week. I'll also be taking at least an additional tablespoon of the honey via a spoon. The onions, I'll finely chop, and have at least one serving a day.

Thanks again for the clove tip!

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I notice it's been a while since you've posted your remedy. How has your natural antibiotics worked for you?

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