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My best friend

my dog had mange for a very very long time . I took her to the vet so so many time but she never got better . she kept on losing her hair . then I changed vets , I asked the new vet what has she got ( because the other vet I was taking her to would never tell me what her problem was they would just keeping giving her medication. which never worked)(the new vets treatment also did not work )so now that I knew what her problem was I started searching the internet for an answer to her problem and come across this site . so I tried everything for a while but nothing helped until I washed her with Dettol diluted in water. boy what a relief . from no hair on her body to full hair in a week . what I did was take a 20 lt buck fulled it up with luk-warm water and pord a 500ml of Dettol in the water then placed her in the bucket making sure her whole body way totally submerged in the water accept for her head of cause. kept washing her body for a while (10min.)I washed her every seconay for a week . she can thank my son she is alive because I could not take it no more for 3 years it was back and forth from the vet . her skin was so bad I asked my son I think I have to put her down as the vet is not helping and the one vet did say once ' if she does not get better maybe I should put her down as she was suffering to much. I also lost my job and could not afford another vet visit. cutting a long story short . my son opted to give up playing his internet game and for me to take the money I would give him to go on the net and buy the Dettol . thanks god did . I cant believe it is the same dog, ( sausage dog )thanks every one for the help .

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It sounds good but I don't understand the measurements. Can you please explain exactly I how to wash a dog? A big dog in the bathtub.


I will try this on Monday when I finish work I am pleased to know this thanks


Hi, I just want to ask what is DETTOL? I am from Macedonia, don't really know how to find this. I tried to google it, still can't figure out. Pls help.


Dettol liquid antiseptic and disinfectant is light yellow in colour in the concentrated form but, as several of the ingredients are insoluble in water, it produces a milky emulsion of oil droplets when diluted with water, exhibiting the ouzo effect.


You should be able to find Dettol in a pharmacy.


My dog has open sores, should I still use this? My lab is Rex, can't get rid of this. He is still a puppy but don't act like one. I'll try anything.


My dog was diagnose with ear mites and she was given a vaccine and a Kenic ear cleaner and it did fix her itching crying scratching problem, but she was left with couple of hair in her face like i can see her pink skin, so I'm so curious if this can be use in her face and also 'I washed her every seconay for a week' did she meant that she washed her every day for a week with this home remedy please help!!


Dettol is toxic to dogs. I wouldn't use it. No way. Vet will tell you it's toxic!


Dettol was and is still used in the UK for midwives and newborns. I believe its only toxic if you feed it to the dog. I use it for cuts and sores and every other thing, it works great


thank you zoo much,i learned what my dog has,i took her to the vet and he never toll me what it was ,but with all of this sintoms, I'm sure i know what it is.

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