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Everyone says boils are from infected sweat follicles..diabetes..etc..The truth is boils cone from toxins in your body that u haven't been able to eliminate through your body's on natural defense..Do a cleanse to remove toxins from your body and u never have to worry about them again unless your body is in a toxic state..dont take no antibiotics it will just fix the problem temporary ..Cleanse your body of toxins to really see and feel the difference ..

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How do I cleanse my body from toxins??


i wanna know how to do this also so please tell me i been getting these damn things for 15+ yrs and nothing i try helps.. ive been on steroids, antibiotics prescribed by my dermatologist and everything

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Um, I hate to tell you this, but MRSA is one of the causes of boils, which is a type of staff infection; the ONLY way to treat MRSA is with antibiotics and sometimes the boil can only be treated by a professional. MRSA is VERY contagious and needs to be treated immediately, ESPECIALLY if you have contact with children and/or elderly people, (and it can spread quickly). Although some boils may be home treatable, some can ONLY be treated by a professional, so don't be so stupid by giving people bad advice!!!

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By the way, learn how to spell!!

Medical Scientist

This is good PREVENTATIVE advice - clean eating, good hygiene - for SOME cases. All cases are not a result of unhealthy lifestyle, as infection can be spread from person-to-person and from fomite-to-person. However, once a boil is present, salve is the best home remedy.


Sure, this is a home remedy site, but please dont put up psuedo scientific bs.


More often than not - the more adamant, critical, and abrasive the assertions are - the higher the likelihood is that they are in error (wrong spirit)...yet beware also - some who express upbeat encouragement are role playing mainly for the sake of selfish material gain.

3 things to look for -

1. Humbleness of mind

2. Straightforwardness of approach

3. Consistency of character


Great advice for it is very wise to eat healthy and drink PLENTY of WATER also!

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