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I have suffered from bv in the past. Im no doctor or anyone to say what is right or wrong way. But first off, you should know where bacteria comes from in ur body. It comes from your intestines. Ok, so the 'home remedies ', accu flora, oils and douching, you can throw down the toilet. Those dont work. They are all bad and it's killing your good bacteria.! Think about it, back when there was no such thing as 'pills' everything was done naturally. So, all you need to cure your bv is to drink 1 full cup of 100% cranberry juice Aday. It has all your vitamins u need in it and it a pure and naturally with no sugars. This is all you need for it to cured. A lot of the pills with keep it at bay until u stop taking it and the smell will come back. I can say with my first cup of 100% pure cranberry juice i noticed a difference 1 hour later. It's only about 5$, I'm telling you it's worth it. Give it a try!!! Wish you the best loves

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So I'm pretty sure I have bv but I'm willing to try this. But are u saying that as soon as u stop drinking the cranberry juice that the smell will come back?


I drink 100% cranberry juice everyday to prevent my UTI issues, yet I still have bacterial problems. Don't think this remedy works for everyone.

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