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Take a washcloth, boil it in some water. Put it into a freezer bag. Lay your face against the bag, usually laying down. This will take care of any pain untill you can see the dentist.

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DO NOT DO THIS!!! The heat will cause the bacteria causing the pain to multiply. Apply ice if anything!! If you add the heat, it may make the pain go away for a little while, but you will end up with a worse infection than when you started!!


Applying ice to a toothache is actually worse than to put a warm compress against your face. Ice numbs the pain, giving you a false sense that the ache has gone away, possibly causing more pain. What causes the bacteria to grow is what you eat, usually dairy or sugar, and it sits stagnant on the tooth.

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LOOk i tried me i have been up for 3 days with a toothache and this did not work..only to make it worse...


The only way that this will make it worse is if there is an abscess or infection. If it's just a cavity and sensitivity problem, then the heat will be fine. If it's an infection, this is NOT a good idea, even if it does feel better. It WILL cause the bacteria to grow and cause more problems.

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